Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Water Line Replacement Service

Pipe Works Plumbing, in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, is the area’s premier provider of directional drilling water line repair. With more and more water pipes reaching the end of their life expectancy, the need for replacement is ever growing. Businesses and cities looking to run new or replace old water lines under roads, parks, and waterways will find our service to be fast and with minimal disruption to the area.

Horizontal Directional Drilling is also a great way to run trench-less conduit pipelines for cables and other wired services.

Trench-Less Water Line Repair

Your Insurance May Cover The Cost

Homeowners that have had the main water line to the house break, will find our Horizontal Directional Drilling as a cost effective, minimally invasive option for replacing your water line. Your lawn and landscaping are safe with our trench-less water line replacement service.

Additionally, it is becoming more popular to see insurance companies offering home insurance policies to help cover the cost of main water line repairs. If this applies to your specific situation, we are happy to work with your insurance provider to make the repair.

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